Spiders move unhindered throughout their walk. Whether it’s a dining room chandelier or across two trees in your walking path, the spider does not worry about what others think. Spiders go about their business without thought.

Through careful consideration, the spider connects the key points and weaves its web to capture sufficient other bugs and insects for its meals. The spider breaks the rules on height compared to its size. There is no fear of how high the spider may travel in a tree and may fall. It simply does what’s most important to itself.

As you weave together the key aspects of your life, what self-imposed rules are you ready to breakthrough?

What’s the story you no longer want to tell? Whether it’s I can only make a certain amount of money per month or my idea will cost one billion to design and implement, what is ready to come through?

Dare to be bold and brave.

Call upon the spider to weave a new dream far above your current foundation and limitations, opening up new doors of possibility and opportunity.

This is a time to be radically honest with yourself. Where have you held yourself back thinking it’s not possible? What aspects of yourself and how do you think held you down?

The spider goes anywhere it so chooses. The spider builds its web in some of the most obscure places, across walking paths, and corners in the ceiling. This tiny little creature can capture larger insects than itself. The spider knows exactly what the requirements are.

Where can you ask for exactly what you need versus subtle hints that others don’t pick up on?

No dream is too little. When we open up our minds to possibility, we capture our own insects that nourish and build upon our wildest dreams.

Dare to dream wildly. Simply ask. Dare to be bold and brave and watch your dream come forth.

Dare to seek the higher truth.

Break the rules, dare to go somewhere no one has ever gone before.

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.