Who is in your playground? What type of people do you want to play with daily? Everything you do is about relating to someone or something else. Last week we talked about relating to yourself. 

Everything in nature is a symbiotic relationship. Without nutrients in dirt, plants would not have the nourishment to grow. Without trees exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen, humans would not receive sufficient vital oxygen required for our bodies.  

How would you rate yourself in your relationships with others? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being one or the other person dominates and 10 being there is an equal exchange of give and take. Where do you fall? Does it depend on the nature or type of relationship?  

Trees even communicate with one another through mycorrhiza networks, microfilaments on tree roots connects via fungi. This network allows other trees to signal disease, forest fires, etc. Humans also communicate via their own energetic signals. Your heart projects out a six-foot wide energetic field that connects to others whether you realize it or not. So, what your think and feel is sent out even if it is not said. This affects everyone you interact with. Have you ever felt someone having a bad day even though they said nothing?  

On my property, three trees capture the art of relationships. 

The first tree stands 100 feet tall stretching high into the sky. The tree branches flourish with leaves growing in every direction. Three vines slowly wrap themselves up the tree growing their own leaves. The tree and vines are working simultaneously to help each other grow.  

The second tree looks a bit goofy and odd yet stands happily erect growing into the sky. At the base, a single tree trunk emerges out of the ground. About eight inches above the ground, the trunk splits into two different tree trunks. Each trunk grew separately branching out as it seeks the sun high in the sky. 

The third tree rather tall in stature is wrapped heavily in vines. Leaves are missing off the top and the branches appear to be slowly dying off. The vines are wrapped so tightly it is sucking all the nutrients out of the tree so its not flourishing.  The vines are dominating and suffocating the tree and stopping the growth of the tree.  

When it comes to human relationships, you each bring your own set of history, gifts, and talents to the forefront whether it’s consciously or subconsciously. You project this out of your heart in every interaction.  

Society told you that “Opposites attract.” Yet at the core that is far from the truth. The tree and the vine are both seeking to grow. Ever see someone who works a lot while the other is homebody that feels there is not enough time together? Both are seeking a level of control which is the common element. The control is the subconscious element.  

For anyone that ever gets on your nerve, lift up the rock and see what you both have in common? Is it control? Feeling loved? Feeling appreciated? Feeling valued? Getting acknowledged?  

The second tree shows that humans can turns our wounds into wisdom. Perhaps people were once attracted to each other, learned from each other than happily grew apart. At the core, the subconscious elements brought them together. They both learned how to thrive. Relationships dissolve as you learn and grow. Ever realize how some people drop out of your life when you grow in a different direction?  

The first tree indicates that we can live happily together by equaling sharing resources and love to thrive and grow towards our ultimate destiny. The exchange is a give and take. Each person works harmoniously with the other.  

 This week, identify if you are a tree, a vine and how you are nourishing the relationships you are in. How can you lift the heaviness of either supplying all the nourishment or sucking it all out? It’s time to lighten your heart and bring more joy, fun, and awe into each space that represents your combined energetic relationship spaces.  

Relationships speed your transformation and are gifts from your soul. Relationships nourish your soul to uncover block or help you grow in new directions. All relationships serve a vital role. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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