Imagine rafting down the infamous Horseshoe River in the Grand Canyon.  You come up to the famous u-shaped section. The river magically disappears through darkening shades of red and orange. With a sense of anticipation, you wonder what is around the next bend. Will there be large rapids to navigate? How do you best prepare for the unknown?

Every aspect of your life, career, and even relationships are similar.

Water is malleable and bounces around the harsh corners of a river. It cuts deep into the banks and carves out a wider dimension. The water simply flows against gravity.

The funny thing is this. Sometimes, we over paddle trying to force certain things to happen or sometimes we get lazy thinking things will change on its own.

Have you ever tried to get somewhere faster and nothing seemed to work? The more we force something, the more exhaustion ensues. Or, we think circumstances will change all on their own.

A quick assessment for you:

1)      Where are you over paddling and forcing something to happen?

2)      Where do you need to look up from the daily grind and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you?

3)      Where do you need to slow down and enjoy the flow of what’s going on? Taking each new step with a gentle ease and grace.

This is the Force or Flow Factor. The water in your world has the same current. Where’s your sweet spot?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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