This time of year, we want something different from the old. We crave something new, fun, and anything that makes life easier. Yet, it’s often hard to make those sweeping changes. It seems daunting.

The reality is – what you choose today will affect you three months from now and even years from now. So, the big question is – what do you truly want? What impact do you want on a particular area of your life? Doing the same thing you did last year will only get you the same results. What’s one thing that you want to go smoother, easier, less hectic, and more with the flow?

Is it a different tone in a relationship?
Is it a career move or taking on a new project?
Is it more playtime or a fun hobby?
Is it learning a new skill?

Four months ago, I discovered community was a big value for me and I wanted to be around more like-minded folks, especially in the mountains. The universe answered my calling. Last fall I was invited to join a group ski house in the mountains. While knowing few people in the house, I took a leap of faith and joined. This weekend proved I made the right decision. I’m reaping the benefits nearly four months afterwards. I met incredible people who share my same philosophy of clean eating, creating the lives we want to live, and getting mentally and physically stronger. Instead of getting stuck in horrendous ski traffic back to the city on Sunday night after a fun day of skiing, I cooked a healthy meal, got a good night’s sleep, and caught Oprah’s amazing Golden Globes speech. I avoided the angst that goes with bumper to bumper traffic and an unhealthy meal on the way home. A simple decision and a leap of faith reaped its benefits. My mind and body were rested to start Monday off fresh.

For 2018, how will your courageous decisions align with your vision for the future? To start, ask the universe for what you want. If you never express what will make your life easier, how will the universe know what to send you? Check out last week’s blog on Creating Impact Goals™ for more details. Then, when the opportunity presents itself or you create it, go for it! Do you want help to make this happen. Schedule a short session and let’s get you going in 2018.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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