Lora’s coaching changed my life. I let go of the worrying over what ‘could’ happen.’ I have a much more positive attitude on life, daily. I have set boundaries for other people so I have more time for myself. I can actually say no and not feel horrible about it. Yes! Your coaching changed my life. I’ve never felt so positive about just daily life and wanting to grow my faith and inner self and share my positive, loving energy like this before. Putting myself first for the first time ever has been huge. Taking the punches that life throws at me and punching back instead of falling down into a curled up ball on the floor. Being vulnerable is very new to me and scary and exciting and awesome at the same time. I feel with her coaching I have chosen to be brave and be vulnerable and because of it I feel more alive. She taught me to hold myself accountable when I have goals that are important to me. She taught me to keep my focus on today and all of the awesome things to look forward to. To let the past be the past. Your coaching has been a game changer and I am forever grateful.