As the first glimmer of sunshine twinkles across the glassy bay, a gentle breeze from the east brings in an unknown smell. Inquisitive in nature, you begin to wander what’s about to happen? Unlike the taste of thunder and the shudder of impending rain, this seems different. Your entire body lights up with electricity, curious about what’s happening.  

Your normal morning routine gets abruptly altered. Your attention and focus marvels on what’s unraveling yet you have no clue what’s going on. You can’t see anything from this vantage point. 

Following your instincts, you begin walking hastily toward the shoreline. Almost tripping with little sunlight, you feel guided and gently bounce from stone path to the next without losing your footing. Continuing on the path your heart feels a sense of wonderment. An explosion of energy fills your entire body yet your eyes can hardly see. What’s occurring? What’s happening?  

You walk closer and closer letting your feet guide the way. Usually there’s no waves at this time. Yet, you hear this unusual sound that piques your interest even more. What’s going on? A silly, goofy, smile travels across your face as your feet pick up the pace. You are intrigued the way a kid looks in a candy store marveled at the sweetness they are about to taste.  

You finally make it to the shoreline and the bountiful sun rays cast their glow on all these little creatures washing up on shore. Crabs, fish, and other crustaceans wash up on to shore in a fisherman’s dream. Delighted with glee your smile now extends from ear to ear.  

It’s a Jubilee! It’s a Jubilee! It’s a Jubilee! Filled with joy you carefully let the insides of your body scream with glee yet not outward to scare them away.  

This rare phenomenon occurs in Mobile Bay. Shallow waters and low oxygen create an unbearable tension that forces normal bottom bay dwellers to rise to the surface, seeking oxygen rich water. It’s as if a tornado vacuums these creatures up and sweeps them outwards, all across the shore.  

In your life, what’s ready to rise to the surface? A dream that desires full expression, or, a deep wound that halts forward movement. Let the resolution come through. Let either be brought to the surface for healing or shine its beautiful expression. Don’t hide these deepest desires anymore. Let them shine brightly!  

When these deep seated tensions come forth and bubble to the surface, an enormous amount of space is created. This expansion allows your deepest energetic expression to come forward for greater emotional well-being.  

This expanded playground reveals your inner dreams that require full soul expression. In Colorado, there’s a reason why parks are called Open Spaces. It’s where you are meant to create, have fun and play. The space allows us to move more freely without the anchor of unexpressed dreams and hurts holding you down. Suddenly, you feel free and abundant.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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