When opportunity knocks, what do you do?  

Most people think opportunity arises when they see rainbow unicorns, a bright light, or a money tree. Yet, few recognize that tragedy, a failed relationship or even a death can be the biggest opportunity in your life. Pain can be our biggest catalyst for change.  

The question is, how do you choose to perceive it? From what vantage point are you looking?  

During an eclipse, when the moon is blocking the sun, beautiful rays of light continue to shine. Nothing is truly blocked. There’s only a perception that the sun is no longer there. It’s easy to forget.  

Ask anyone that lives in the north east or Midwest, clouds block the sun during most of the winter. Does that mean the sun no longer exists? Absolutely not! That would be ludicrous. Don’t let your pain block all the amazingness that surrounds you daily.  

The easiest thing for anyone to do is to retreat. To hold back, what’s possible.  

Imagine a simple flower that’s received sun despite the cloudy days. What if that flower decided it’s too scared to open up? Imagine that flower chose to never blossom and spread its petals out for the bees to harvest the nectar, for your eyes to delight in its colorful beauty, for its internal seeds to spread and create more bountiful flowers in the future.  

Where would this world be if all the flowers shriveled up and never bloomed? Probably not in a good place. Yet, nature gives rise to miracles and surprises daily. How open are your eyes to see them? Revel in all their beauty.  

The past couple years, you’re feeling as if you deserve a bit better in your life, right? Allow your pain to become a jumping off point for something bigger and better.  

Love has the power to liberate everything in your path. Where can you love on yourself more? Afterall, the obstacle is the opportunity! Use the power of love to figure out what the obstacle means. You may jump over it, move it to the side, grab some friends and push it over.  

It’s time to believe in what’s possible. The leap of faith moving through the obstacle and seeking the higher opportunity allows your inner nature to blossom. The fun surprises will leave you awe struck.  

Open yourself up to receive.  

Take a moment in nature this week, revel in all the beauty, and open yourself up to receive amazing new insights.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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