With a curiosity for something new, I signed up for my first-ever surf lesson while in Puerto Rico. A group of twenty people gathered in a small hut while the names were checked off the list and waivers were signed.

With butterflies in my stomach and not knowing anyone, I simply smiled. We stepped outside for basic instruction. We learned how to swim on a board, where to stand on the surfboard, and how to jump up on the board. We all practiced the jump at least 3 times.

Of course, this was all on the ground!

As we lay on the boards and paddled out through the waves, we gathered with our guides. Lining up one by one, we paddled up to the guide and told when to swim and jump on the board.

Success!!! I stood up and rode my very first wave in. Woohoo!

Then proceeded to fall on the next ten waves. The paddling and falling off the board wore us out.

The group suddenly splintered in multiple ways. Those who were talking and not surfing, those wiped out altogether, and those who simply quit. Then, the group that persevered and kept cheering each other on.

The guides reminded us that no wave is ever the same. The weather changes. You’re going to wipe out.

The same strategy applies to daily living.
Who do you want to surround yourself with? Those that keep cheering you on or those that drag you down.

As with surfing the more grounded you are on your feet, the quick pop to stand on the board and the core to hold you in place, this is how stay buoyant and float above the water instead of falling in.

As you move through life, is important to recalibrate the standards of who you surround yourself with and the standards for which you hold yourself accountable.

When we surrender the outcome, we suddenly surf with ease and flow as the wave moves around yet we continue to direct our board in the direction of our dreams.

It’s time to rise above all the societal noise and keep a strong core foundation of who you are and where you are headed. Surf the wave into the shore of your dreams and desires knowing the highest and best people cheer you on.

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