Stop the busyness, look up, and appreciate the beauty surrounding you. What can you admire? Perhaps it’s the shapes in your office, the wispy clouds in the sky, the trees that are ready to break out of winter and bud into spring, the chatter of people drinking their cup of coffee, kids playing. Take in the smell. Notice the shapes. Take in the sounds. Notice the connections and watch the flow of motion from one to the other. What do you notice about yourself?

So often, we go straight to our day – checking emails, making phone calls, checking the latest news blimp or social media post and go straight into action. However, we forget to stop and taking in the beauty that surrounds us. 

The other day, beauty literally smacked me in the face. After a day of fun activities in the mountains, the sun with setting fast in the sky with beautiful hues of red, orange, and purple. My friend that was driving said – WoW! Its gorgeous! We pulled over on the side of the road took a quick picture and admired the beauty.

Stop! Take a moment. Where do you need to stop and admire the beauty more?

By stopping, you gain perspective. You notice what’s really going on around you. You notice how you’re feeling in the moment, you notice how others are feeling, and you read and feel the energy around you.

Being present in the moment allows you to take stock of what’s really going on. Stop with hustle and bustle and enjoy the precious life we have.

Wishing you a prosperous, abundant, and joyful day!


Chief Energy Officer
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