What misconception is around you?

This time of year, most people see dandelions in their yard or walking area around where they live. It’s a nuisance. It’s a weed. It’s unfitting to the plants, grass, or whatever you would rather see.

Yet, a dandelion brings great wisdom.

Can you imagine a more determined plant? This plant grows in the smallest of cracks in acres of cement. This shear determination makes sure the continued offspring, as the dandelion grows into seeds and floats off into the air to spring forth again.

This commitment outshines any obstacle to growth. The roots of dandelions are long, reaching deep into what little dirt is around to bring nutrients up into the plant.

All the dandelion requires is sun, water, and nutrients. Believe it or not, so do all of us.

When we regularly receive our nutrients, we have the power and strength to conquer anything in our path.

Yet, here’s the kicker.

This takes discipline. It’s not about hard work or wearing a badge of honor for a workhorse in the week.

When we are and do what’s best for us on a regular basis, we grow in ways we never thought were possible. We experience life in extraordinary ways.

This is commitment. This is consistency. A dandelion has both.

When this occurs, our challenges become opportunities to build capacity and grow. The depth of your determination and discipline outpower any obstacles in your path.

The deepest challenges offer the biggest rewards when we allow our capacity to handle more in a different way. This changes our patterns and shapes us into greater character.

This is dandelion wisdom.

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