Before embarking on a long drive for the holidays, I got a slow leak in my rear differential fixed. Excitement ensued when I picked up the vehicle and loaded it up for my journey to the mountains for 10 days of climbing, skiing, and hot springs and yeah, a little work, too.

Two hours into the journey, I hit a deep rut in the road on a very steep mountain descent. My SUV swayed left, then, right, then, left. While feeling like a doll flopping in the wind, I did all I could to brace myself, hold the steering wheel tight and keep the vehicle going straight. The vehicle stabilized and I landed on all 4 tires. WTF, just happened? I was aware that jeeps have a roll-over effect. Yet, my SUV was heavy, weighed down with tons of gear. I felt as if the car was about to flip for no reason. Shortly thereafter I noticed the steering wheel was not straight even though I was going straight which had me perplexed. The remaining four hours of the drive was uneventful.

The next morning I was excited that a massive snow dumped overnight and it was time to ski in Telluride, about an hour away.

As I started the drive, the roads were covered in snow. I kept my distance from other vehicles, speed was slow, yet I noticed that the car seems to slightly fishtail. I made it safely and enjoyed a fun, kick-but sore quads type of day. The drive back to my rental was more of the same. Now, I was getting concerned.

Luckily, a maintenance lady at my tiny house rental recommended a local mechanic. Sitting in the passenger seat, the mechanic took my car on a test drive. At 20mph, the vehicle was fine. He turned on to a major road at 40mph the back fishtailed so bad, he turned his head, looked me directly in the eye and said, “This vehicle is dangerous to drive. You’re lucky you’re not dead!”

With the holidays, most rental cars were out. I could only find a Jeep rental. For the next 10 days, I was in awe how easily this vehicle handled the road. The features from Bluetooth music from my phone to easily taking calls to a super sound system rocked my world. Very different from my nine year old SUV. I thought to myself, I could easily own one of these Jeeps. Was it time for a new vehicle?

Fast forward three weeks. I found myself on an impromptu trip to take care of a family member who was diagnosed with cancer and in the hospital. Again, I found myself renting a car. No little cars were available for rent. The rental company upgraded me to a Land Rover SUV. All I could think to myself was “Fancy.” The two hour drive from the airport to the house was smooth sailing.

Upon dropping off the vehicle after taking care of my family, all I could think about was the universe telling me it is time to upgrade my vehicle and that I deserve better.

Fast forward four months, my car was totaled after getting rear-ended.

Where in your life is the universe telling you it is time to upgrade yet you’re not seeing the sign?

Having car issues was no fun nor was getting in an accident that totaled my car. Yet, keeping a calm attitude that I was safe, no one else was hurt and that I was due for an upgrade made it worth the while.  Sometimes we go through a muddy road to see a smooth path on the other side.

Look past the frustrations and see the universe signs before your eyes.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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