As the magic of stars is upon us, this gentle light guides us in the darkness. For even in the darkest of times and darkest of days, the stars show us what direction we are going. From the night sky, we can tell the direction we are going simply by finding the north star.

The full moon allows the same. Few realize unless you’ve ever hiked at night, that the moonlight is so bright that you can easily see which way to go. What seems daunting and scary simply gets lit up allowing steps to be taken with ease instead of hesitation, apprehension, and doubt. With moonlight, it doesn’t even seem dark at all.

As the moon and stars intertwine, a magnetic pull occurs on the earth and deep within us. The magnetic pull is so strong that it shapes the water and changes the ocean tides. And within us, our deeper calling emerges.

The yearning from within grows louder and louder pulling us into directions we never even knew existed. As the tides grow bigger and bigger, our heart loudly thumps so we feel the depths buried inside. Suddenly, the pulses inside your body never felt before twinkling with new insights never conceived of.

This higher calling asks you to step boldly into the darkness yet guided by the light and direction of the magnetic pull.

Instead of fighting this pull, the water and tides simply want you to flow, leaving resistance behind. This magnetic pull simply asks you to change your perspective on how you view yourself.

Leave behind what you’re avoiding, bolding step forward as the magnetic higher calling draws you closer. Release control because this only drains your energy.

Boldly face the darkness and believe in yourself.

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.