As dark becomes light, what is ready to come to fruition? The winter provided adequate time to turn our pain, suffering, grief, or trauma into deep roots of wisdom.  

As plants and flowers are ready to sprout, how can this deep wisdom within be utilized to propel you forward the way a dandelion seed is blown in the wind waiting for future ground to grow.  

As wounds turn into wisdom, these deep truths and lessons learned become the anchor to grow without the wind knocking you over again. This is the real growth. This is true integration of work already completed. A phase closed out. A transition ready to occur.  

What transition from old to new, dark to light is about to occur?  

The equinox is a powerful time of reflection. Breathe in the fresh warmer air. Soak up more sunshine illuminating your glee in the excitement about the excitement that is ready to come.   

A Zen proverb states, “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself.”  

As flowers sprout their buds and open up their blooms, what momentum is already occurring in your life, relationships, or career?  

The equinox serves as a nature-based marker denoting a time to pause for deeper understanding. It’s time to tune in to tune out the way sounds of vehicle traffic diminish the farther away you get from the city.  

Take time to pause. To hear the birds chirp. Let the wind whistle in your ear. For only when you’re still can you receive the guidance from your heart on ideas and next steps. What are the birds and wind whispering to you?  

Pause. Breathe.  

This is a special time to let go of the exactness, the perfection, the controlling of exactly how something will occur. When trust and belief occur, the how takes care of itself. As the Zen proverb states, the grass will grow no matter what you do.  

If something is troubling you at this time, pause and seek a different perspective. Perhaps you’re standing in the shadow of a tree feeling cold and desolate, yet walking around to the other side you feel the warm rays of the sun deeply penetrating and warming your eyes to see a softer view on the issue at hand. Suddenly a new idea pops into your mind seeing a new way through the obstacle.  

Spring forward with the momentum that’s already occurring. Pause and take in the beauty that surrounds you, accept the amazingness that’s already on its way into your life.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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