After a long hard day, nothing feels as good as sitting around a campfire, breathing fresh air, and feeling the warmth on our body. The body relaxes, fun conversations ensue, and joy traverses through each cell. Yet, whose role is it to start the fire? What are you taking for granted? 

Does your partner start the fire? Your dear friend? Your kid? Your colleague? Someone else that’s not you? It’s easy to fall into, it’s someone else’s job. I’m simply here to enjoy it.

Yet, the fire is more than a fire. It’s the burning desire for what makes you come alive inside. It’s what makes you bubble over in enthusiasm and forget you just hiked 10 miles or completed a 12-hour workday. It’s the peace within that you put all your effort into today and that is sufficient. This is enough. This brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment to your day. The sore muscles and brain overload simply dissolve in a matter of seconds. The recovery for the day begins.

Before the fire roars, gathering wood, sticks, and fuel to begin is all it takes. Do you know what fuels your inner desires? Or, what brings you simple pleasures?

Igniting the fire is simply a spark. After the gathering of fuel and preparing the fire in a particular way, only a simple spark creates the beginning of a roaring fire. This spark shifts everything. From a pile of wood transformed and alchemized into a roaring fire. Your deepest dreams and desires begin.

As the fire builds and grows in size, additional wood is required to maintain the momentum. How will you continue to nourish your deepest desires yet in a fun, playful manner that’s light-hearted and not heavy? Tap into your heart and bring this forward.

Let this fire burn and dissolve anything that no longer serves you as you move forward with ease and grace. Let go of the struggle, the hardships.

What big shifts are you ready for?

Spark the shift for a new endeavor to begin. Nourish the soul to maintain the fire.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.