Before embarking on any journey, the basic yet sometimes dazzling question is, what do I bring? How do I maximize yet minimize what I need? It doesn’t matter if you’re packing for a week at a resort or a weekend of backpacking in the mountains, the usual question sets in.

What about this? I may also need a little of that. What if the temperatures fluctuate? What If I get too cold or too hot?

A mountaineer carefully critiques every piece of gear. How much does it weigh? Is it multifunctional? And, if you’ve ever climbed with an engineer there is a spreadsheet that calculates the weight of each piece of gear, the quantity needed. The engineer will even weigh the clothes that are not in their packet. Even mountaineering boots can add 5 pounds of weight to your feet. It’s that carefully calculated.

Yet the funny thing is, few ask, what will make the journey successful? Every journey will encounter the unexpected yet we can’t bring gear for every possible encounter. If you’ve ever met a world traveler, they bring their passport everywhere. They are ready and eager to travel abroad at a moment’s notice with ease and delight.

Regardless of what we’re doing. It’s important to know what we want to be prepared for. Whether it’s an unexpected blizzard or a major business opportunity, what are you ready for?

We all want the best. We become giddy with child-like wonderment about the possibility of what’s in front of us. Our eyes were wide open with excitement and awe.

Whether a tent, a room at a hotel, or our actual home, this is our jumping-off point for our next adventure. It’s our own unique playground catered to the unique desires that bring us joy, our special creature comforts like a soft warm blanket or fuzzy socks. There’s something special that makes your space inviting, welcoming, relaxing, and creative.

As days, weeks, and months go by, our space, our own little nest requires special attention. It’s time for space cleansing. Whether it’s old clothes, outdated furniture, or sorting and organizing piles of paper, how can you spruce up your own space this week? Open space allows creativity to emerge.

In the same way, opening a window allows for fresh air to come in. Create an open space in your home for an unexpected surprise to arrive. Your home is your playground. It’s the foundation and jumping-off place for new endeavors to begin. Spruce up, clean out, and let new bold energy flow in.

In the same way, a gorgeous beautiful park invites you to explore its trails and surroundings, your home invites creative energy when open space emanates.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

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