With rapid rainfall, water currents move from gentle to raging faster than a lion chasing a hinnea, its dinner in the wild. The flood waters are sink, swim, or swiftly move to higher ground. How do you move through raging currents?

A group of ten people from all over the world converged in New Zealand to backpack a hut-to-hut hiking circuit in the world-famous Nelson lakes area of the South Island. A lesser known yet equally eye stunning and spectacular region untouched by human civilization. The group would hike from hut to hut over 4 days through grasslands, lush forests, along rivers, and up steep mountains to view the breathtaking scenery of waterfalls and jaw-dropping landscapes. Little did they realize that it is also the rainy season.

By Day 2, the group thoroughly realized that the huts were rustic, with pots and pans for cooking, and an outhouse. They started making fun of their smell, stench, and muddy, wet clothes. As long as no one bathed, the smell was equal and not overwhelming horrid. After a hearty breakfast, the group set out for the day’s hiking adventure. They came across their first big endeavor.

Crossing a raging river.

The water pulsed quickly downstream. The group looked bewildered as to how they would cross the river. The water levels were easily thigh high and that’s if you were six feet tall. Needless to say, even the group’s large backpacks would get wet on the bottom as they crossed.

Imagine. Stepping through ankle-deep water, then knee-deep water, then mid-thigh water. Add a swift current and soon you’d be floating downstream faster than a cheetah in the night catching prey.

The group quieted and listened intently to the guide’s instructions.

Crossing a raging river was no joke. One wrong move and you were headed downstream fast!

The guide gathered the group in, making sure each heard the instructions. The group would divide into two groups of 5. Each group would lock arms and walk 45 degrees downstream to the other side of the river. The angle allowed water to move around them instead of directly against them. Brilliant!, exclaimed one hiker.

The simple instructions sliced through their fear and misinformation that gathered in their heads. This wasn’t the time to get angry about having wet hiking boots for the remainder of the day. The guidance gave honest clarity on what needed to occur. The first group organized themself into formation. Each step is taken slowly to ensure they didn’t slip on rocks crossing the river. Breathe, step, and secure your footing. After 5 minutes, the first group made it across the river.

The river was picking up steam from overnight rains. The current moving more swiftly now.

The first group cheers and high-fives each other. They drop off their packs to watch the second group go. They cheer them on knowing the sound of rushing water makes the cheer barely audible to the next group.

Garnering upon the strength, endurance, and calm nature of the first group, the second group makes it across.

When your life is on the line, radical honesty with yourself and others is required. It calls upon us to look deep into our hearts and see what lies we are telling ourselves. This direct intensity becomes a lightning bolt of stark realization.

What have you been tolerating? How have you allowed others to treat you? How are you treating yourself? It’s time to address if you speak unkind words to yourself or allow disrespect or manipulation from others.

When you get back to higher ground, seek a higher perspective, and return to a calm center, you can make a better faster decision on how to move forward.

From this place, you’ll notice that it was only your mind chastising you for the dangers of crossing the river. Once you were clear and focused, the gentle steps through the raging river suddenly flowed with ease and strength.

Where is your mind giving you danger warnings yet your heart says go for it? Have a radically honest conversation with yourself about what is working and what’s not. From this place, you’ll move out of the mind funk and into the body’s knowledge of faith and freedom.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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