Life, work, relationships. It’s all about showing up as the best person you can be.

When we start showing up as the best person, we’re going to start handling situations very differently. Imagine coming down this river right now and only showing up as being fearful, scared, afraid something’s going to happen, you’re going to show up as that person in a raft and you’re just going to rock. You’re not going to want to move. You’re not going to know what to do. You’re going to be too afraid to do something.

If showing up as your best self means you’re adventurous, that you’re open, that you’re willing to experience something new, you’re going to come down this river very differently. With each bump in the river as it’s going, you’re going to go, “Wee. This is awesome.” You’re going to smile at the person next to you as you’re paddling and be like, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” You know what? That’s going to bring a very different attitude to the other people around you.

If you start to get excited about having challenging times, doing something different, you’re going to have this ripple effect in your life, in your relationships that you never thought was possible. Here’s the thing, when you show up for the difficult situations the same way you do for the amazing ones, your whole life, your work, and your relationships are going to skyrocket. You know what? I want you to skyrocket and grow and develop the way you want to. I’m Lora Polowczuk, and I can’t wait to have you join me on a fun adventure sometime soon.

ENROLL and Adapt To The Chaos