Nature always shows us what to look at within ourselves. Whether it’s birds chirping or a violent storm, nature touches us deep making our bones tingle with delight or shiver.

In autumn, cool fresh air ushers in a breath of fresh air that shines our soul alive. Yet, as the sun’s rays fall away, taking a long, hard look at our patterns and choices, is not so easy.

What seeds were brought to fruition?

What overgrew uncontrollably and took away from the fruits you hoped to bear?

What barely grew or didn’t grow at all?

In summer, we expand greatly yet as we move into cooler months, we reflect more. These simple reflections shift our next cycle from summer to fall. They guide us into a new way of being, doing, and having.

As the cycle shifts, it’s up to us to choose differently for the next cycle.

Whether it is the too-hot, too-humid, too much-rain summer, what is it that you truly want to bring forward? As the cycle shifts, we are reminded that much of this world is out of our control. We can simply only control ourselves.

In this next cycle, relinquish the old and choose differently into what lights you up inside.

As you embark on a new way forward, gratitude for every experience paves the way for integrated lessons and new wisdom for each confident step into the unknown.

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.