Ever hold on to a circumstance for far too long? A conversation? A bad decision? Someone that hurt you? This consistent holding on becomes a heavy weight on your shoulders, an ache in your stomach, and a scattered mind. 

Whatever the issue was. It sucked. It hurt. It didn’t feel good. It’s as if someone opened up your core essence, pulled out the love, and left only the shell. Imagine a coconut with all its succulent juice and flesh, ripped out. You’re raw inside.

There’s a betrayal so strong that it wreaks havoc in all other areas of your life. This grief turns into a numbing agent.

Imagine if a rose never opened its petals to let the bees pollinate again.

Imagine if a tree pulled up all its roots in a drought.

Closing ourselves up to handle the pain never solves the problem.

Diving deep into the disappointment is where the golden succulent honey lives. It’s where the deliciousness of life comes back again. Suddenly you can taste life in a new variety of flavors that tantalize your tongue and make your eyes sparkle with delight.

This is where the wisdom is found. Unearthing and feeling the heartache allows us to move through it, instead of holding on to it. Be present with the pain. With deep integration and deciding how to go about it differently next time, is what brings the experience to life and releases the burden of disappointment.

We both know that if you continue to hold on, the only real betrayal is with ourselves. By gripping onto the issue, we deny ourselves the excitement, joy, and love that life truly has to offer. 

Imagine having fun again

Imagine feeling deep love in new relationships.

Imagine walking through life with the freedom that the past no longer has its grip on you. 

It’s time to raise your standards. 

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.