Imagine charting a course to your ultimate dream lifestyle. You and your crew are excited with glee for the voyage ahead. As captain of the boat, you carefully calculate the number of weeks it will take to reach your destination. You and your team gather the necessary supplies and food for the journey ahead.

With enthusiasm and gentle butterflies in your stomach, you push away from the dock, ready for a grand journey across the vast ocean. You feel confident for the days ahead yet you feel the gentle unspoken fear from the crew about the unknown. The crew excited for what’s to come is hesitant to share their vulnerabilities that they may not be able to handle the voyage. Their perception of feeling weak if they share this adds to the underlying fear that’s left voiceless yet energetically felt in the trembling bones of each crew member.

The first few days are unscathed. Boisterous laughs break through the anxiety and fear. Bouncing beautifully through the waves, seeing the vast ocean in front of them. Their hearts soaking in the sunrays fills them up with joy. They sit and ponder, is this what those on the Mayflower felt when they set to discover another continent and seek a new way of existence? Perhaps?

As nature goes through her motions, a line of severe weather approaches vast. The sun fades and dark gloom surrounds them. The boat bounces and sways from side to side, hurling people and unsecured gear everywhere. The crew unsure of themselves scramble to put on lifejackets as the waves get bigger and bigger.

The Captain secure in his foundation, strength, and stamina moves quickly to settle the fear in his crew and calm their nerves. Carefully without screaming, yelling, or demanding, he commands each crew where to be stationed and what to do.

Yet, while calming the shaken hearts of his crew, he looks down to find he’s completely off course. And for how long he doesn’t know. The GPS onboard fails to receive a signal as the storm blocks transmission.

With truth, candor, and strength, the Captain calls upon the crew to listen deeply and intently.

We are completely off course and at this time cannot obtain an accurate bearing of where we are in the vast ocean. With strength in his voice and radical authenticity, he states with utmost vulnerability – Two degrees off when traveling thousands of miles is the difference between hitting England and Africa.

The words pierced their heart as if a dagger came hurling out of nowhere. Words were direct and so true.

The good news is that we are all alive. We will eventually hit land. It’s time to chart a new course ahead! I appreciate you all holding it together even if difficult while we made it through three days of intense storms. We will be okay.

The words turned into warm bubbly love exploding into their hearts. With peace inside, their lives move forward with ease even though the destination is unknown.

What cycle is ready to begin in your life?

As the new cycle emerges, where can you be more direct and open in your communication? When we get to the point of the matter without fluff, fear, and overly emotional stories, the approach gives us authentic power.

This authenticity, appreciation of others, and good attitude bring abundance forward. This is the new lifestyle most of you crave. Joyful abundance with ease and grace.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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