On a hot, muggy day when your clothes literally clung like plastic to your body, the whole world changed for Sheila. Every Wednesday, she left work on time to go rock climbing with her friends. It was the only day devoted to her peace of mind, body strength, and awe-inspiring time in nature. The bonus was simply time away from the computer and socializing for fun.

This fun after-work activity soothed her soul. In between intense long days at work, she spent one day a weekend on intense hikes preparing to climb Mt. Raniner a 14,000-foot-plus mountain outside Seattle.

While not everyone enjoys climbing on a hot sticky day, it was simply all the worthwhile when it removed all the stress from everything else. As with every week, the climbing crew headed to a local Irish bar for more laughter and belly nourishment.

This time it was different.

Sitting at a long table as the sun set, Sheila’s friend Sam announced that two of his four teammates climbing a 19,000-foot mountain in Ecuador had to bail on the trip. Wow! Sheila was perplexed and curious about how all that came to be.

Then, Sam looked across the table directly at Lora. Sam and Lora had been doing the weekend training hikes together but for different expeditions. With a deep eye-to-eye connection as if everyone else at the table disappeared into this air, he asked, Sheila want to join our team?

Sheila’s inside softened, honored to receive an invitation for this amazing opportunity. But, she was committed to climbing Mt. Rainier and recognized the pull between the two.

Sheila’s Mt. Rainier leader, George, was also at the table. In a split second, Sheila looked directly at George. Then the most beautiful words of reassurance came forth. George stated to Sheila, That’s an awesome opportunity, I think you should take it.

In less than one minute, Sheila’s whole life changed. An opportunity presented and within a minute permission to leave a commitment and engage in a bigger mountain that she truly desired to climb.

If your dream opportunity, came out of nowhere today? Are you ready? How prepared are you?

Sheila was already practicing, through showing her dedication to training, that she was ready for this opportunity. There was no hesitation. She simply was open to it and easily decided how to move forward.

What’s your dream opportunity? How are you preparing yourself to receive it?

Preparation meets opportunity when you’re ready and allow yourself to receive it.

Preparation meets opportunity. Sacred synchronicities arise from literally nowhere.

Simply be open to:
Sun in Pisces – where changing spiritual timeline?
What is your new reality?
Where raise the vibration of your life?
Where raise manifest potential?

The path is revealed when you start taking steps.

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