Would you date yourself? Seriously, if you were on the other side, would you spend quality time with yourself. 

As love is in the air, the real question beckons, how much pleasure and fun do you bring into your life? This is not a once-a-year phenomenon yet a daily routine. It’s a practice that begs you to look deep within.  If you were to put self-sacrifice and self-love on a balance scale, what is higher on the scale? For too many of you, the balance scale dives too far into self-sacrifice.  

Even on a cold winter day, an avid outdoors man or woman can ignite a fire in the rain or snow. What is the warmth you crave right now? How would the warmth taste against your skin? The fire may taste of a succulent irresistible hot, melted chocolate lava cake that melts in your mouth with every morsel tasting more delightful, satisfying and profound.  

Do you know how to have fun no matter what storm comes across your path? In this super serious world filled with danger inducing headlines, it’s time to lighten up and follow your heart’s pleasureful desires. The joy and savory piece of cake that illuminates your tongue and magnifies your heart’s smile overcomes any amount of stress. If you choose to eat the cake with, a ugh, this is so bad for me, you’re doing nothing but putting a negative spin and added weight to you. This guilty factor lowers your vibration. That’s giving into pain not pleasure. 

Back to nature and loving on yourself. If you ever wonder why nature and exploration are so immensely good for you it’s because it heightens your senses while indulging in the pleasure of taking a break from the world coming at full throttle. It’s a soothing brain massage yet makes the whole-body tingle with excitement at the same time.  

Most of you forget these important aspects of sensuality. Makes your senses come alive with experiences and activities that give you pleasure. Whether its gazing at a colorful sunset, hiking through the mountains, or tasting a new flavorful dish, your pleasure centers become activated with love all over the body.  

Imagine spicing up your senses with pleasureful activities that bring joy into your heart, mind, and soul. What does your life, relationships, or community need you to radiate out right now?  A mild curry, a moderate jalapeno, or some super spicy cayenne. If you sprinkled this onto one aspect of your life, how would your pleasure in this area become a volcanic eruption of pleasure?  

It’s time to create open space for self-love, passion, and pleasure. Go forth and spice up your senses.   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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