Ever felt that there are certain rules to play by to earn your riches? Somehow this game is not taught in school, not learned by the degree you have, it’s something way bigger than that.

When we observe nature, ecological diversity is the hallmark of functionality. The greater the number of species that interact the greater the functionality of the ecological system that we are observing. Seems so simple, right?

What does this translate for you? The riches of life come through the sheer and vast experiences you’ve encountered.

Yet, some basic factors come into play. Perhaps your history shows the diversity of people you’ve worked with from poverty-stricken to world-famous billionaires. Perhaps you’re a scientist geeking out on the latest quantum theory to how AI will affect vast millions. Maybe you’ve stepped foot in a vast desert to also stepped foot in the Amazon jungle. Each has its own unique set of features. Each gives a rich perspective that changes you for eternity. This certainly brings riches to your overall existence. Yet, this is also the past.

There are key aspects in this given moment. What are you observing right now?

Are you working too much and playing too little?
Is it too much family time without enough self-care time?
Do you bring dread into everyday existence instead of making it a fun game?
Does social media addiction get in the way of real human heart connections?
Do you freak out when you do something new or make it an exciting opportunity?

What areas of life are out of harmony right now?

Whatever it may be for you. It’s time to take a closer look. What seems to be one-directional?

When we swing in one direction only, there is an equal and opposite reaction the other way. This goes from diverse to singularity. Great for getting a project done. Yet, this depletes the others areas of life. If the swing is far in one direction, the swing back can knock us off our feet. Remember swinging as a kid and if you went too high you came out of the seat? The same thing happens as an adult yet with more consequences.

Too much work can render our bodies with illness, making us bedridden.

How much richness are you experiencing right now?

The game of life is about the rules. The exciting part is you get to create them.

What are you ready to bring back into your world? A little fun? A little adventure? A romantic relationship? An organized house? Systems for your finances?

When we bring back the richness that makes us come alive, we become ourselves again. A smile emerges with ease. The heart opens for experiences. Opportunities naturally come our way.

Allow this sense of renewal, a breath of fresh, crisp, clear air to bring in rich new experiences and even new people and places. A new gateway of opulent opportunities is here and ready for you. Take a moment, pause, breathe, and see where the open door and opportunities are right in front of you.

Create your rulebook to bring the richness back in. Diverse experiences keep the game of life fun and exciting. Opulent opportunities come forth easily.

The world is changing and it’s up to you to create the rules that bring and keep the riches in your life.

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.