Ring of Fire comprises two-thirds of the world’s active volcanoes. This seismic activity creates an invisible border around the Pacific Ocean.

Opportunities for vast shifts occur in minutes with tremendous force, whether shooting hot volcanic lava into the sky and down mountainsides or moving tectonic plates with tremendous force.

A big shift is coming.

It’s the invisible that we don’t see daily that drives us. We don’t see the hot lava boiling beneath the earth’s crust yet we sure feel and see it when the pressure exceeds barriers and forces everything to move.

It’s all a balance of control and power dynamics.

It’s easy to forget the unseen yet its power to drive us forward happens daily.

Think of the ring of fire as a way to regulate the power in our lives. Where is the harmony in giving and receiving in our lives?

What earthquakes are ready to happen in your own life? What shift are you ready for to bring harmony back into areas that are too much or too little?

As this shift occurs, watch how easy it is to stay centered and not get thrown off balance.

Shifts occur in multiple ways

Over-expression or under-expression

Giving too much or too little

Receiving too much or too little

Compromising your values or over-asserting yourself

Too little self-care or overindulgence

Holding on vs letting go

Spending too much vs hoarding

Trust vs deception

Instead of powering over or giving your power away, how can you power with and bring a more collaborative style to a relationship at home or work?

It’s time to shine a light deep within your spirit, what have you been previously unwilling to acknowledge or simply avoiding? Where have you been attempting to control the outcomes vs going with the flow?

Shining a light here will allow everything like hot volcanic lava to come to the surface for healing and transformation.

Set an intention this week to bring a key area of your life into harmony. This simple shift begins the movement of bringing everything to line up for you.