Are you pouring from an empty cup?

It seems like everyday people are asking for our time, energy, and resources. Your spouse may want you to fix the house or go to the grocery store. Or, there’s another board meeting for the non-profit you sit on.

We naturally want to help out. We want to please people. We want to make sure others are taken care of. We want to do good in the world.

Yet, all of this comes at a price. When we always take care of everyone besides ourselves, we begin to lose our essence. We deplete our own energy. We put our passions aside. We even forget what brings us excitement.

The funny things is. We tend to think it’s selfish if we focus on our needs and wants. We even feel guilty if we do something for ourselves. In fact, others may call us self-centered if we take care of ourselves.

Think about. How often do we take the time to refill our own energy tanks. How does a car move without gas in the tank?  How can you pour your love and heart into someone or something if your own cup is empty?

So, how do you replenish? How do you fill your cup back up so that its overflowing instead of empty? Its not enough to take a vacation once a year. What will you begin TODAY to re-energize yourself on a daily basis? Self-care is a habit and a practice. I do this through outdoor activities. What’s yours?  

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Wishing you an energizing day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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