As winter is punching through its last days, warmer sunnier days come forward. It’s time to set the groundwork for what you want to harvest this year.

Preparation is key.

As the dark days subside, little bundles of green begin popping up in your garden. Yet, this green serves a different purpose. This green is the dormant weeds that grow faster and faster and spread quickly if uncontained.

These weeds cannot simply be snipped at the ground for the roots and the majority of the plant remains deep beneath the ground. These roots are buried deep within the dirt and spread ever so quickly.

Removing the roots is key if you wish to refrain from the weeds coming back.

First, we must take the time and check our garden of life for what weeds are there. Simply making the time and bringing your awareness forward begins the process.

What’s showing up in your life that no longer serves you?

Relationship patterns?

From here, it’s about releasing the roots of where these deep patterns started. Simple awareness is great. It’s a starting point yet it will never change the outcome.

If you feel burdened, weighed down, carrying something that has run its course, it’s time to let go, forgive, and release.

By pulling out the roots that no longer serve you, space opens up for what you truly desire to come in. Create the space.

From here you’ll feel lighter, walk with a bounce, dance in the rain, and bring elation into your next activity whether it’s a conversation, work, or simply how you talk to yourself. You’ll begin to taste the richness of life again.

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