Ever get to the point where you are completely fed up about a situation? A marriage went awry. A soul-sucking job. The poor communicative friend. The kid that never does their chores. The circumstances irritate every single cell in your body causing you to shake and malfunction. This keeps you awake at night with endless thoughts bouncing everywhere in your skull. This sucks up every ounce of energy you would rather use for something fun and productive.

What if there was an easier way to handle this?

It’s the geyser effect.

Deep underneath the Earth’s surface, water, vapor, and liquids heat up. This tremendous intensity of increasing temperatures makes the liquid expand quickly. Stewing in this small enclosed space causes tremendous and rapid pressure (headache anyone?). With increasing intensity, the vapor seeks an outlet on the surface for release. The water reaches a boiling point and abruptly defies gravity and shoots up over a hundred feet into the air.

With dramatic awe, onlookers view the geyser with amazement at the beauty that nature brings.

How can an intense situation also be perceived as a state of awe and wonderment? It all depends on what angle you’re viewing the situation. The deep pressure within or the magnificent beautiful creation as the water disperses in the air? Or anything in between.

What situation in your life has reached a boiling point? A certain relationship? Is it how you treat and talk to yourself?

When you’ve reached the geyser point, whatever you’re not dealing with comes up to the surface to be addressed in a rather dramatic fashion.

What are you committed to that no longer serves you? This takes deep radical inquiry. Face the questions that you have been avoiding. If you are unwilling and keep avoiding, the geyser will erupt.

Yet, the same hot vapor that creates geysers also creates mineral hot springs that soothe your soul. The latter feels good. It’s relaxing. The cells in your body feel at ease instead of shaking with intensity. A gentle peacefulness sets in.

What are you ready to nurture and bring to the surface for a gentle release? When you’re ready to address the underlying issue, this creates the space for the core essence to emerge. In the same way, hot springs bring warm, calming, fuzzy bubbles to the surface your soul dreams emerge with confidence.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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