The elusive hermit crab, small, nimble yet ready to crush with its sharp pinchers. This tiny creature moves swiftly across the sand yet can easily go inward when ocean waves wash along the shore or a human steps nearby.  

How easily do you flow from an inward and outward state of being?  

The hermit crab offers wisdom into our own interactions and relationships. The hard shell offers a protective mechanism from the greatest of storms, to being washed around in ocean waves, to digging deep in the sand away from birds that may devour them.  

Where in your life do you put up such a hard stance showcasing to all that you are okay yet you’re drowning on the inside? Or, perhaps a hard wall around your heart that allows you to never get hurt yet also does not let love in?  

The thumb sized creature retreats within waiting for danger to pass yet also faces its greatest triumph.  

As you go within your deep, hard shell, it’s the great pause. The stillness and silence allow peacefulness to wash over and cleanse your sorrows. Let it dissolve any misconceptions or limited beliefs on what’s possible.  

This rest gives the ultimate time for reflection. The active recovery garners the greatest insights and revelations. Its only when you slow down and listen those hidden messages reveal a greater perspective.  

In the uncertain times, unaware of when it’s safe to come out of your shell, the voices of others get tuned out. The need for external validation disappears. Suddenly, as a flash of lightening, wisdom draws you closer to your own truth. You become more aware of what you are certain about.  

Deep within your shell, your soul merges with your human experience. You recognize what does feel good. The answers to your deepest desires begin to show you the next right step. Your mind chatter subsides and tunes into greater clarity instead.  

As you surrender, the right time reveals when it’s safe to peak out of your shell again. This time, it’s different. You think differently. You behave differently. The core of your essence comes out with power.  

Your voice is confident. You step with courage. Your curious mind seeks the hidden symbolism acknowledging where you will go next. You accept the latest situation and events that made you crawl into your shell. Yet within a stronger internal power you emerge with a soft fierceness and wisdom that’s only gained from going deep within. Every cell in your body becomes electric with joy.  

Most of all, you trust yourself again. You identify how you want to show up for yourself. As how you treat yourself leads to everything else in your life.  

With great fervor and passion, the hermit crab moves instantaneous again.  

Silence speaks through stillness. As you master movement through stillness, great wisdom emerges and the next steps reveal itself effortlessly.  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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