Ever want to know the bottom line without all the fluff and candor? Our time and energy are our most precious commodities. In fact, it’s the most valuable currency in the world that only you control.

So, let’s get real and to the point.

Over a decade ago, our team traveled to a remote village about two hours outside Maputo, the capital of Mozambique in Africa. Our white passenger van carrying four “gringoes” and two Africans, one a driver and the other a translator stuck out like a sore thumb. After leaving the capital city, the roads turned to dirt and sand, filled with ruts and divots. With no seat belts, we banged around gripped the door handle, and sometimes even bumped our heads on the roof of the van. Quite happy to not make this journey during the rainy season as pushing the van may have been our only way through.

This barren landscape filled with talk grasses and trees seemed abyss where humans even lived here. Yet, with any journey, we had a destination in mind. After about two hours, on the road, our van pulled up to the small village, surrounded by a two-foot stone wall to keep animals away at night. These circular straw huts with thatched roofs were about ten feet in diameter.

Our purpose today was simple. Understand how treatment for malaria would impact the village’s everyday life. With curiosity, my eyes scanned the village and we peaked inside the hut. No insulation, dirt floor, and handwoven mats. An outdoor latrine was built in the corner of the village.

After a long and bumpy ride, my bladder was about to burst. Looking at my options, I came prepared, found a tree for privacy, and emptied my bladder. Having traveled to developing countries before, I already knew to bring toilet paper, a separate bag for proper disposal of the used paper, and hand sanitizer. Now, to get on with the purpose of why we were there.

We spoke to women in the village and sat on the dirty filled mats outside as there was not sufficient room for all of us to sit inside. The strong sun scorched through the trees onto our pale skin. The sunburn seemed almost instantaneous.

The women spoke softly and the translator gave rise to the increase in malaria in the area. She lost a previous child to malaria and the closest clinic was a one-hour walk away with other children in tow. Another child overcame malaria yet suffered from cognitive deficits. She looked at the ground, then up gazing through our eyes and deeply into our souls.

She asked calmly, “Do you know when it is supposed to rain? This is the longest stretch in many seasons without consistent water. Our fields are cracking and the seeds are not growing.” Our hearts gasped eyes gently watered, as we attempted to transmute her pain with a warm listening heart. Yet, we did not have the answer.

The rawness of her words pierced our souls. Without water, they have no food.

This complete exposure brings a richness of honesty. There’s no denying what’s before your eyes, we seem you seem famine starting. She asked us to pray for rain.

If you take a look into your own life, what honest conversations do you need to have with yourself? Are you pretending that something is okay when it is not? Do you really crave fun, play, or relaxation yet never make time for it? Do you yearn for true relationships?

As you become honest with yourself, deep discoveries reveal hidden truths. These breakthroughs will illuminate your deepest desires unrealized. Rapid resolutions come forward swiftly and easily.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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