As you look at trees, one can easily see the depths of character in the trees’ bark. Older trees may have thick bark with rough ridges while others have a softer smooth finish. No matter what it looks like, the bark serves only one true purpose, to protect the inside. The trunk supports the distribution of vital nutrients throughout the tree.

How often do we paint the facade of what we want others to see from the outside? Decked to the nine’s we have all our pieces together yet on the inside we are as frail as ever and can be crippled with one word that hits our core wound.

Over time as trees grow, the bark morphs and takes on different characteristics. The bark shows its morphogenesis with dents from other fallen branches, animals, or even a few kids who feel compelled to carve their names into the bark.

Over time, bare and raw, the tree trunk is exposed to all of the weather’s elements whether it’s the scorching sun, snow and sleet, or even a gentle rain. The inside which we love to protect from the outer environmental elements has to handle whatever is truly going on.

As the inner layer gets exposed, the tree can only do one thing. Accept what’s going on.

There is no more avoiding, procrastinating, ignoring, or even bypassing. We have to come face to face and handle whatever is going on.

The rawness may feel icky yet when we come face to face with the reality, the exposure no longer embarrasses us. We can no longer hide. It’s what’s there. It’s the choices that made you who you are today.
It’s a jumping-off point for what’s best to come. Through exposure and acceptance of what’s going on, we can identify and pave a new path forward.

This week, seek what you’re afraid to expose. When we shed light onto our darkness, the healing process and next steps magically unfold.

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