While walking through a botanical garden in winter, one can only sit and imagine what the trees, bushes, and flowers will become. What color? How Big? What plant will outgrow and take over another?

This simple imagination is where all our dreams and desires begin. The visual take of what we want life to look like?

Yet, as the path of the gardens flows gently around the curves and bends, mysterious smells tickle our tongues and the texture of the plants feels dry and hard waiting for more sun and moisture to arrive.

Our curiosity peaks as we wonder what it will feel like to walk amongst the bright-colored flowers, and savory tastes of what this new spring will bring.

We realize one key thing. We want to freely walk the gardens with ease. To simply enjoy the peacefulness and beauty that surrounds us.

However, the journey from winter to spring comes with harsh winds and deep cold temperatures. Here, we carefully turn our desire for nourishment of these plants into the art of discipline. Simply concentrating and acting on what we truly want brings freedom in the months ahead.

The value of your time, and discipline to stay on track, brings forward the freedom you deeply desire. The beauty, the peace, the growth that you truly want to experience.

If you don’t value your time, who will?

Owning your power to control your time and what you choose to nourish with that time determines what freedom will arise in the days and months to come.

When we create discipline around what nourishes our dreams, we grow in profound, beautiful, and spectacular ways.

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