As the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, rapidly envelops the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves seeking the light. Yet, what’s being called forward is something vastly different.

Holidays have an unusual way of wrapping the best of the best and the darkest of moments wrapped in a Pandora’s box ready to be showcased. The get-togethers of friends and family either bring out our highest and best selves with glee and laughter or find our real raw feelings buried deep inside and without an outlet for expression keeping us wrapped up and ready to explode on anyone that irks us.

In this darkness, waiting for the sun to shine brightly again, gives us ample time to sit in stillness. Let our emotions rise to the surface and be felt for what they are. Hurt, peace, anger, calm, happiness, sadness. Whatever it is, let it rise up.

When we experience our truest expression, our emotions can move through us and release. Instead of analyzing it, come from a place of acceptance and stillness. From here we surrender to what comes next.

Too often we are afraid to expose our deepest emotions, yet keeping them buried serves no one. In this time of darkness, the truth of who are emerges.

The only person who can make you happy is you.

The only person who can give you unconditional love is you.

The only person who you can truly enjoy being with is yourself. So, how can you enjoy time with yourself more?

What do you truly want to feel more of in life? Quiet the mind, and let the inner chatter fade away. Get still and let your heart speak to you.

Nature is quiet. Little is stirring around. The cold sets in. The crisp air tickles our noses. The ground is still waiting for the light to shine again.

Darkness serves as Pandora’s box, ready to showcase what’s really beneath the surface. Expose the raw emotions and experience your truest expression. Allow the truth of who you are to emerge and come forward.

From here, you can give yourself the greatest gift possible – Self-responsibility.

Be disciplined for how you want to feel. Leave behind any justification. Darkness is only temporary. In stillness, the light will begin to shine again. Surrender to what’s next for you.

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.