Orchids’ vibrant, beautiful stunning flowers tantalize the eyes with rich hues and unique designs. The orchid’s scent tickles the tongue when chefs drape petals over a succulent dish. The succulent scent delights your nose from the inside out.

Yet, if you’ve ever attempted to grow an orchid, they are a finicky plant, similar to humans.

For orchids to thrive, the right conditions must exist.

Very aerated soil, as in nature they grow on trees not in containers in houses
Temperatures between 70-85
Humidity from 50-70%
The exact amount of nitrogen in the soil

If these conditions are not met, the flowers will not bloom and the plants are more likely to wither away or roots rot.

In your own environment, what makes you thrive?

What’s the best ratio of eating, exercise, and relaxing?

What’s the optimal amount of fun and playtime or simply connecting with good friends?

What personal attitude brings the best outcomes forward?

When we take the time to adjust our environment, the conditions simply allow us to thrive abundantly.

The environment is not only what’s external around us, it’s also our internal environment. Simply responding differently to a situation versus a harsh reaction.

What contributes to thriving conditions? Start establishing more of this in your work, life, and relationships, and watch the magic wonder unfold.

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