Preparation meets opportunity.
Commit to a new practice.

Last week we learned, that accepting what is – allows us to dream a bigger dream. The step beyond this brings us one step closer.

First, how audacious are you? Can you dream the unfathomable? Getting paid to travel the world. Recognization by your biggest mentor in a public way? Serving over a million people with your divine gifts? Feeling completely at peace?

Dreaming big opens the door to infinite possibilities. To live big is to think and do extraordinary things that most people cannot even think about.

Most people are an ostrich that has their head in the sand, completely missing every opportunity that surrounds them yet is not aware of what is truly going on.

Yet, how do you get there?

It’s all in one simple thing.

Every day, we choose a series of activities that rise above the every day or bring us down.

In last week’s post, a super amazing opportunity came my way because I was already training for a big mountain expedition. The practice was consistent. Each week, I trained 3 days of cardio with 2 days of weight training. Then, the weekend involved long endurance days on steep hikes in the mountains.

Yet, one thing changed. Each week, the endurance days got longer. And the weight training increased. Over time, my small body frame strengthened to carry 50% of my body weight on my back with no pain.

Here’s the one thing. Consistent practice leads to tremendous results.

Yet, there’s even more.

There’s a sweet spot to all of this. This consistent practice is the preparation for an opportunity to arise. You’re already prepared for the opportunity to come your way. In the prior story, training for a 14,000-foot mountain turned into an opportunity to climb a 19,000-foot mountain in another country.

It was simple. Preparation meets opportunity.

There’s one more thing.

The opportunity was bigger than I thought which meant my daily practices had to change. Revaluate what practices stayed and what practices went out the door. Assessing my daily routine was critical to success. Certain practices were dialed in for greater efficiency. And others were let go altogether.

When you go for the big hairy audacious goals in your life, modifying your daily practices must occur too.

Whether, it’s becoming a multi-millionaire, a world traveler, or simply spending more quality time with your family, it’s time to upgrade your practices.

If you were to receive the opportunity of a lifetime today, are you prepared for it?

Audacious goals simply turn into opportunities when we allow miracles to happen in our lives.

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