One degree shifts in your life can change everything.

People think all of a sudden change needs to be big, huge, and difficult. If you were to come down this river, but yet made one degree shift over, it could be the difference between hitting a rock, staying straight, or even avoiding an obstacle. So when you make just one small incremental shift in your life, it’s going to start, over time, to have drastic changes.

If you, for example, when you just start waking up 30 minutes earlier than you do right now, and that 30 minutes earlier gives you the quiet time you need before doing anything else. It gives you that time to strategize your day. It gives you that time to think clearly on what those things that are truly important to you are. But then when you start implementing those things in your life, you’re going to start to even notice more changes. But the thing is, that first little change was incremental.

That one degree shift can have drastic consequences on the rest of your life.

One simple thing I did when I was outdoors is, all I would do is if I started feeling good on hiking, a certain mileage, I would hike a little longer. And then I would start adding small changes. I would add an extra mile. I would add something that was a little steeper. Those small changes over time allowed me from being an unathletic kid to climbing a 19,000-foot mountain one day. And that even had more drastic changes to my life. So I’m going to challenge you. What incremental change in your life can you implement right now?

I’m Lora, and I can’t wait for you to join me on an adventure.

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