The air is stale and thick. Deep in the amazon, you taste the humidity in your nose. So, full of water yet each breath seems deep to bring the rich oxygen deep into your lungs. Your skins oozes sweat to the surface to keep your body cool. While the humidity droplets, quickly attach to drench your clothes that quickly stick to ever crevasse on your body.  

Suddenly, your group walking deep in the jungle stops. The birds singing tickle your eyes with fresh curiosity. A deep peacefulness wash over you. Your childhood wounds dissipate and dissolve deep into the earth’s core. Out of nowhere, you feel a new sensation in your big toe. As if you never realized that your big toe plays such a strong role in keeping you balanced and upright.  

With deep breaths to cool yourself, abruptly you notice your back ribs expanding. Who knew your back breathed?  

This gentle peacefulness permeates every cell in your body despite your sweaty and smelly aroma. What people think of you no longer matters. You’re feeling new depths into your body and deeper inner peace that no one can take from you.  

This surrender into presence brings a playful, silly, goofy and quirky smile that makes you begin to laugh.  

Your group begins to walk again. In two hundred feet, your whole body constricts and becomes a sturdy tree, grounded yet restricted movement. All movement ceases. Before thinking, you scream – STOP! STOP! The entire group stops before coming upon a 10-foot boa constrictor snake that’s scurrying in the opposite direction. The group watches until the boa constrictor is out of sight.  

Your body slowly loosens and relaxes desperate to find the deep peace again.  

Navigating truth happens easily when we are open to sense and receive what’s truly going on and don’t ignore our gentle constrictions.  

What you resist persists until it becomes so big that you have no choice but to do something differently. As you integrate your deepest life wounds, your constriction eases and you naturally open up to receive.  

When you surrender your wounds, your seeds of transformation are planted and begin rapid growth.  

“Focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” Socrates 

 Examine your words and thoughts. Unspoken words are merely thoughts with no outward expression. How do you talk to yourself? And others?   

Your words slice through another’s heart the way a fire engulfs a drought-stricken forest destroying all that was there. Are your words and communication creating a gentle path or creating a raging forest fire that damages?   

Imagine your communication was joyous, playful, and optimistic the way a dolphin bounces in the water. This fun-filled attitude channels creativity that sustains your soul in entertaining and pleasurable new ways.    

It’s time to clear out the stagnant energy. When you ground in your personal truths, you navigate each situation with ease and no longer tolerate dishonest or manipulative behaviors towards yourself, with others or from others.   

This week, find a way to choose differently. Disconnect from negativity. Shake out the yuck and begin moving toward your passions. As you move out of resistance and into reception, this allows you to easily navigate the direction and path ahead with ease. Your soul will come alive.    

Ready for life to become easier?  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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