Ever experience something out of nowhere and wonder where it came from?

As summer hits, the days grow longer and our gardens expand in unruly ways. Seems that only yesterday, the ground was tilled, and fresh seeds were planted. How does time fly by so fast?

As Jane scans the garden and gently observes what’s sprouted and what hasn’t, something strikes Jane’s eye so hard it rattles her whole body in distraught.

Somehow the fastest and largest plant in Jane’s garden doesn’t even look like anything she’s ever planted. With daze and confusion, Jane walks closer to the plant that snakes up the nearby fence in a chameleon fashion. As Jane’s eyes focus in and out seeking what that odd “thing” is since she’s not even sure it’s a plant or a snake or something else for that matter.

Jane is irritated and frustrated that she’s worked so hard to have a fresh garden, yet something is off. Really off.

As she walks closer and her feet crunch on the dry grass, the viny-looking plant is a tomato vine. Shreek! What on earth? Screaming so loud the next town over can hear her, I didn’t plant tomatoes. I don’t even like tomatoes. Why is this taking up so much room in my garden that I slaved over? Heck, I’m allergic to them. In a state of fear and body constricted so tight she shrank two inches, what if this affects my other plants? Sigh.

Waving her hands up in disgust, I worked so hard and have nothing to show for it.

All Jane wanted is to go have some summer fun and come back and eat some fresh vegetables from her garden. The freedom to enjoy her time any way she pleased.

Who doesn’t want that? Fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

It’s easy for time to slip by and seeds get planted and grow that we don’t want around. This impacts our way of life, relationships, and how we enjoy our free time.

If you’re ready for something new, something different I have a special invitation for you. It’s time to let stress, overwhelm, and scattered brain behind.

Today, I’m launching a 4-week Accelerator program for you to gain more Fun, Freedom, and Fulfillment in your life, work, and relationships.

The time to live is now. Not a year from now. It’s time to tend to your garden and grow what fulfills you inside and out.

Imagine learning 4 separate techniques that give you quick wins each week, build momentum and restore your energy and time back. You’ll learn how to:

Accomplish more of what’s important to you
Access hidden pockets of time to bring fun and freedom back
A regular fun time to replenish your energy reserves

This is what more fun, freedom, and fulfillment look and feels like.

We all know that hard work takes its toll on you and those around you. It’s time to have fun again!

Ready to get going?

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