Imagine if you no longer had to become something. The great let us grow more philosophy that’s been imposed on us for so long. To achieve more, you must be more productive. That’s old school and such nonsense.

Ready to embrace a better methodology?

Let’s take the grasshopper. Throughout its life, the grasshopper molts five to six times. Completely shedding an entire exoskeleton and emerging anew.

Every time you go on an adventure, do something outside of your comfort zone, or even use new verbal language for the first time, it feels a little awkward. It feels different. The sensations lighten you up and even feel weird. It’s different yet it is the sun-dripping delights of yummy goodness upon you that enrich life’s delicious factor. And, you’re craving more.

Parts of you feel wonky, maybe off balance, yet at your core, you realize what those dabbles of yummy goodness are. It’s your soul drenched in a new expression that makes you feel alive.

Suddenly, the awkwardness lifts. Your essence breaks through. Those pesky little irritations of self-doubt, and fear release the way the exoskeleton falls off the grasshopper. You feel safe knowing that your full expression emerges in the giddiness and joy of what’s come through.

This new adventure sparks something within you. Breaks open and lets in the beautiful sun rays so the new you emerges.

As with the grasshopper, it’s not becoming anything. The best of you is already there. That’s the core essence of who you really are. It’s ready to showcase itself to the world. You’re already amazing, beautiful, and full of delicious, scrumptious goodness. It’s time to shed those pesky false truths that are no longer part of your story. Let your radiant highest self emerge with confidence and glory.

Shake up your world this week, and explore something new. Go out and play. The adventure can be as easy as tasting a new meal, talking to someone who’s different than you, or walking in a different part of town. Even brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

Something new will be sparked in you.