On a cold, wintery day, I took the day off to study for my finals. It was no small task to take on an online masters degree program, commute an hour to and from work, and work ten plus hours a day. Discipline was my middle name. December finals were fast approaching and I couldn’t find the time needed for additional studying. I couldn’t catch a break. Then, one sliver came through. In between waiting for study data, I found one day to get some studying done and asked for the day off.

While studying notes at home, my boss calls me at 11:00am. In a sense of wonderment, why was she calling me on my day off. How dare she? What the heck? I slowly reached for the phone hoping this would be a short conversation. She informed me there was an all-hands meeting and the company announced consolidation of our ten offices in nine states. There would be layoffs at the end of the following year and relocation. She said we’ll know more in two weeks when they give us our severance package and retention bonus package. Well, that’s reassuring, I thought to myself. What am I supposed to do now? My main focus was my finals, not job security.

At some point in your adult life, you will be let go from your company. The first time this occurs becomes an experience you’ll never forget. Yet, when this happened at the age of 25, I had no clue what would happen or how to handle it. I kept on with my daily living.

The next day, I went to work and the water cooler gossip had every speculation possible. We thought, everyone would relocate to our office as we are centrally located. Or, would your job be eliminated all together? The vast majority of the 120 employees at my location began job searching immediately. Yet, I was perplexed why. We were given both a severance package based on years with the company and a massive bonus to stay with the company until the complete relocation occurs. The package alone was worth at least 50% of my yearly salary.

Fast forward nine months, over half the employees gave up their severance and retention bonus package for job security. The other 99% decided to relocate to another state where the office was being moved to or found a new job to start as soon as this job ended.

Then there was me. I continued my master’s degree while working and commuting and wanted nothing but a long vacation. Instead of finding a new job, I booked an airline ticket to spend five weeks in Australia and New Zealand. The funny thing is I had never traveled alone before let alone for that long.

Those five weeks abroad turned into one of the best adventures of my life. It was only the beginning of more adventures like this to come. I had no regrets bunkering down for nine plus months of uncertainty to then be rewarded for all the experiences I had in Australia and New Zealand. To this day, I still have friends that I met on that adventure.

With every obstacle you face, turn it into a fun playful game. This attitude will create a positive ripple effect around you. It’s time to play and get your creative juices flowing.

Yup, getting laid off sucks. Yet, the adventure turned into priceless moments and experiences I will never forget.

So, maybe you can’t travel far right now, yet there’s other opportunities. Read about a topic you’ve never heard of. Learn a new language. What other ways can you expand yourself and have fun while doing it?

Did you know a billionaire in the tech world picked up and read a Latin hair magazine while traveling? In the process, he learned how to better interact with their Latin American customers and surged their profits 100x fold.

Now’s a perfect opportunity to learn something new.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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