Imagine if a flower was so scared of the scorching sun that the blossom never opened to delight and showcase all its beauty for others to see. With an expression so simple yet so small, the ripple effect is profound.

The bees do not share the nectar and pollinate other flowers. Humans passing by miss the fresh aroma that tantalizes their noses. And, the colorful petals that dance in their eyes become lost on the horizon.

This flower’s expression comes from limitations, scarcity, and living small. Afraid to be who you really are. Sound familiar?

On the flip side, our outward expression can be the thorn we didn’t see. Words said with piercing anger act as sharp daggers straight into the heart of others. While not physical per se, the damage is not easily undone. Forgiveness is possible yet forgetting does not occur. There’s a sharp distinction between throwing daggers at someone versus stating there are thorns to be addressed. Ever been on the receiving end of someone’s bad day that had nothing to do with you? Sadly, we’ve likely done this to others too.

As multi-dimensional beings, the expression of who we are comes in many forms. We receive through our five senses and beyond yet our expression comes energetically through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, behaviors, and actions, whether they stay inside or showcased to the world.

Where do you under or over-express your energy? Is it directed with unconditional love or born out of fear from prior experiences?

The simple opening and closing of a flower show how easily you open up to your true essence or pierce it as if a thorn struck if people come too close.

It’s time to tune up the awareness of your senses. What feels good? What feels off? What is numb and can’t even be felt right now? Pause. Take time to notice.

In this new awareness, release limitation patterns and allow gold truth threads to emerge. Seek harmony in the energetic expression of your soul as a human. The expansion will soon be on its way.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2022. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.