It’s amazing how letting go gives back to you.

In life, we want to clinch on to those stories, those memories when those bad things happen to us and we keep rehearsing them in our head. When somebody hurts you, it’s very easy to keep that pain inside of you, and what happens is when that pain happens, it gets stuck somewhere in your body. It could be a tight shoulder. It could be something in your hip. It could be tension in your gut.

But what happens is when all of a sudden we start letting go, and this specifically happened when I had to recognize that some people in my life were just not supporting me. They were starting to take me down the wrong road. When I started letting go of these people in my life, just the way that the river would kind of swoop it away from you, it started to create that space that I needed to allow the amazingness to come into my life.

When I realized that I no longer wanted to spend time with people who brought me down, people who didn’t support me, people with kind of have that negative thinking, and even from a business stance, I was once in a business group where it was just such a… It was almost like a relationship where it’s like people just shoving business cards down your throat. I decided that was just not the types of people that I wanted to be around.

So, you know what? I let that go, even though I had spent a year cultivating relationships there.

What happened is, is when I let that aspect go, I was then able to open up opportunities for me to meet new people and to build these relationships. You know what? As a result and a consequence of that, I met people who helped me think big. They helped me play bigger. They help make sure that I’m going farther and they challenged me to be a better person.

So when you let go, you create that space for what you really want and desire to come into your life.

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