Celebration, contemplation, closure.

Winter solstice celebration conjures an exhilarating anticipation of the light ahead. The stars become magical shining bright waves of optimism and hope in the journey back to light.

In our darkest day, it’s time to celebrate all that occurred in the past year.

Too often, you measure yourself in terms of your bank account, the accomplishments on your resume. While, of course, this is one way to assess, what about what you learned about yourself along the way?

No one ever walked into a forest and said, hey, this forest is only valuable if it comprises 100,000 trees. Forests can be measured from its biodiversity of trees and animal species to whether a water system runs through it. How can one differentiate why a forest is better than a desert which has its own unique biodiversity? It all has its own unique facets of beauty. The same goes for your life, career, and relationships.

We can’t compare our lives to someone else’s. Comparison is the thief of joy.

As you look up at the stars this evening and contemplate, what can you celebrate and bring to closure?

This is a time to be truly raw and brutally honest with a dash of compassion for yourself. Embrace it all. If you love trees, there’s not a condition that you put on it, e.g., only on beautiful days. It is enjoying the trees no matter if it’s a winter spectacle in snow or in the dripping humidity of summer. It’s all to be reveled in.

In the face of adversity, who did you become? What did you learn about yourself?

In the joy of success, what allowed this to happen? Did you celebrate the fun of it all?

As Einstein’s best quote, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again thinking something will change. If you didn’t love this year, what will make next year be different?

Utilize this time to recharge your own batteries and truly contemplate the celebrations for the past year and bring a proper closure to 2021. There are only sunnier, brighter days ahead!

Wishing you a loving, joyful, and festive holiday!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer


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