As the cross roads of 2021 come into play, you are about to embark on how you choose to spend your time and energy for the remainder of the year. This is no small decision.  

This pivot point can change how December 31st of this year looks for you.  

Consider this.  

Bob excited with glee and renewed joy about alpine climbing applied for a once-in-a lifetime guided climbing trip. With other thousands of applicants, he was selected! Bob being overjoyed sent out an immediate email to his climbing friends asking who wanted to join him for this all expense paid trip!  

Within 24 hours, Bob found a trained Navy Seal, a man who loved to push his boundaries climbing, and a fellow alpine climber who’s been on a number of expeditions. Super! Bob ecstatic with enthusiasm began training and planning with his team. They had exactly 6 months to bring this all together.  

All was going well with the team until three months in.  With the snap of a finger, the downward spiral started. The Navy Seal got deployed and the man who pushed his boundaries climbing took a risky move fell and broke his leg. In one week, the team was dismantled. 

Thinking quickly, Bob reached out to find replacements. Sheila was already training for an easier mountain climb and Daniel was always up for a challenge as he thoroughly cross-trained in other sports to stay in premiere athletic shape.   

A large sigh and relief came into Bob as a new team was formed on a moments notice. Yet, something was missing. Bob quickly started thinking this team could do even more. Bob set his sights on an even bigger majestic goal. A mountain that if the first summit attempt went well, the team would go after a 5000 meter peak not just 4500 meters. Bob’s eyes glowed with amazement about his new objective.  

Upon arrival in the country for the expedition, all was going well. The team laughed through some minor mishaps of delayed luggage arrival and delayed flights. The team set out to do slow hikes to increase their acclimatization to altitude. Two hikes in and everyone was adjusting beautifully.  

Bob interjected to their guide about his desire to climb a bigger peak afterwards. The guide taken back by this stated it would cost the team. The guide speaking in a different language to his assistant guide made some causal jokes and laughed at Bob’s request. Daniel who spoke the other language picked up on everything that was said and agreed with the guide. Daniel wondered why Bob was now proposing something very different. Daniel and Sheila were quite concerned why decision-making was not a team effort.  

That night after eating, Daniel and Sheila got horrific food poisoning. Neither had strength to take the next training hike. Two days later, somewhat recovered, Daniel, Sheila, and Bob set out for their alpine climbing day. Excitement and nervous jitters allowed for little sleep. The 2 am start came quick. Within hours of the attempt both Daniel and Sheila were slow and kept falling. They didn’t have sufficient caloric reserves due to the food positioning. They turned around. Bob continued on and summited the peak.  

From that point on, Bob was irritated that his team fell apart and he couldn’t summit his bigger mountain peak. Bob no longer ate with his team and did sightseeing without them.  

Daniel and Sheila learned a big lesson. Their values with Bob and how the team worked and made decisions didn’t match.   

Reflecting over the past six months, where did your values mismatch with the people and situations you are in? Where did you keep going because you put significant time and effort in?  

It’s not always about reaching the summit or your ultimate goal, it’s about learning what’s important to you along the journey.   

Where do you need to pivot to values and characteristics that match who you truly are?   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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