Do you ever wonder if trees think about how harsh the winter will be? Probably not. Then why do you do this? Eek, right?  

Humans are the only species that have the ability to think about their own thoughts. And where does this leave you most of the time? In a downward spiral wondering about the worst of all worsts. Ironically, as humans evolved, survival instincts were at the forefront. Thus, we’re actually wired to think this way. Kinda sucks, right? This is why keeping your own thoughts in check is a crucial step in your own growth.  

Where do you let fear be the main driver in your decision making?  

Here’s how to recognize this, you probably let your over perfectionist self, analyze every possible scenario leading to no decision or a delayed decision. What you fail to acknowledge is that no decision is a decision! It’s only a decision to not take action. Whoops, that probably hurt.  

This is how it plays out in real-life. Joe was emotionally abused as a child. Instead of verbal abuse, his family never said “I love you” or showed any type of affection. He was constantly yelled at and told he wasn’t measuring up. 

In his adult years, Joe craves physical touch to soothe his childhood wounds and feeling of abandonment. Yet, at the same time, Joe keeps a close guard up with any relationship in his life, whether it’s a lover, friend, or colleague. This guard looks like a fortress with a mote and snipers in the towers surrounding his sweet, loveable heart inside. Joe makes sure to not reveal too much about himself to anyone because he doesn’t want to get hurt again.  

However, in doing this, Joe subconsciously without any awareness makes sure he never gets close to anyone. Thus, preventing his true desire to have deep soulful connections with each and every person he encounters.   

Joe’s fear of feeling abandoned by his own family led to a lifelong behavior that blocked what he truly wanted.  

Where in your life is fear guiding you?  

It’s time to self-forgive for not knowing any better at the time. It’s time to uncover these deep-seated fears and forgive those that hurt us. This makes you a warrior of your heart allowing the door to your fortress to open and share the deep love within you.  

Tap into this and you’ll leave insecurity behind and develop a whole new level of courage and confidence in everything you become and do.  

Let your guard down and open up your fortress of love to others. Watch how your life grows beyond your wildest dreams.   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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