The tipping point is upon us. Hearts race against time, mind chatter increases and the body constricts into a shriveled raisin. What’s next? We all feel the dam is about to break loose right now.

The dam is holding back the water of all our emotions, our hard work, and our effort. In the valley below the dam, our harvest over the past six months came to fruition. We choose what to plant, we saw new blossoms grow, all while some weeds overtook the corner of your most cherished seeds. Your dedicated energy and time spent nourishing everything in front of you.

Yet, what you truly wanted was those cherished seeds and dreams to grow bigger and produce more crops. So, what happened?

Suddenly while all the other plants taste good, your heart years for what didn’t grow. Others can’t understand your disappointment. It’s felt deep inside your bones. No one can feel it but you. Others can only sense that something is a bit off. They cannot pinpoint what it is.

Your stomach starts churning. When will my cherished plants ever grow? As you walk through your harvest area, you notice a weed. You bend down and tug at it. Unexpectedly, you fall backward on your butt, feet flying in the air. Shaking your head in distraught, you gather yourself upright. Looking at the weed, you notice only the top broke off.

You kneel get, feeling the warm dry dirt on your knees. You begin clawing into the dirt to dig up the root. Slowly sweat bubbles, up on your skin, and dirt deep underneath your bare fingernails, the root goes deeper and deeper. Then this root system is spread 8 inches deep and spread over three square feet. Exactly where your cherished plant was supposed to grow.

Somehow, the past six months never exposed the weed. You only could see your cherished plants slowly shrivel up. As you continue to pull up this weed, it becomes a wet blanket, filled with mold, fungus, and yucky roots. Abruptly, the sun pierces the clouds and you realize something significant. This weed-choked the roots of your cherished plant. Ironically, you could never see these weeds all season.

These deep weeds are embedded in your subconscious, underneath the surface of your day-to-day reality. This is the dam that you feel is ready to break. Yet, there’s something deeper.

Allow the hidden truth of your mind to chatter and behavior to emerge. The weeds have been controlling your existence without you realizing it. Once weed roots are uncovered and released, the weeds no longer choke out your dreams.

This week, take a deep look below the surface. Once the weeds are released and let go, your cherished dreams are ready to come forth. Allow yourself to pivot into your passions. Then, watch your life flourish.

Turn the weeds of suppression into strength and allow a new expression of you to emerge.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2022. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.