Imagine if an oak tree immediately grew from a seed to over fifty feet tall in one year. How sturdy would it be? What strength and wisdom would it have? The oak tree receives an award for fastest ever tree growth and it checked off that box. The oak tree may have reached the ultimate achievement of reaching its maximum height quickly yet at what cost? Where does it go next?

A simple wind storm will knock the oak tree over since its roots have no depth. Branches break because they are frail and haven’t garnered strength from the storms. While the oak tree reached unprecedented growth, it’s missing the wisdom that comes from seasons with little rain and learning how to conserve its energy. It’s missing the deep root system which gives a solid foundation to ride out any storm. The branches have not grown sufficiently wide to gather sufficient sunlight on the leaves to support its nutrient consumption. 

Where in your life did you grow so quick that you developed practices that only gave you quick hits of pleasure yet not long term fulfillment and joy? When these unduly practices go on autopilot suddenly your senses go astray and the even smallest signs of new direction are missed. 

When you grow quickly without certain situations that cause you to learn deep truths and navigate your own way, you miss the joy of learning to navigate somewhere new and incorporate something bold. There is no such thing has failure. There are only situations for you to learn and grow from. When you gather these bountiful golden nuggets along the way, a shiny path gets created. 

Hit the pause button for a moment. Get still. Breathe in deeply. 

It’s easy to feel valued by solving someone’s immediate problem that is neither urgent nor important. You get a rush of instant gratification. A quick jolt of bursting energy. Yet at the same time, you push away your own dreams that bring fulfillment to your heart. 

You start craving this quick jolt. Then, poor choices become your basic operating pattern and create a root system that’s faltered on false premises. Your heart quickly becomes empty and unfulfilled. One day you wake-up realizing you’ve been chasing these quick jolts of achievements, rewards, or external validation by others. 

Yet, what you really crave is something deeper. It’s raw. It’s untouched. It’s so beautiful that’s you’re scared to talk about. Your deepest dreams and desires are ready for you. 

When your practices contribute to your passions, unpredictable situations propel you forward into the most beautiful experiences that crack your heart wide open. From here, love and joy radiate gracefully.

This week, make conscious consistent choices. Choose internal passion over external validation. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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