Ever get that slight irritation that annoys the heck out of you?

Over a year in the making, the excitement brewed in every cell of my body. For the past four months, I built endurance and strength through a detailed, regimented training program. Even with bruised ribs, due to a skiing accident, didn’t stop the training initiation. This was the most dedication I’d put into anything in my life.

In the next few days, my partner John and I were set to climb Mt. Rainier in Washington State. From learning crevassed rescue training, and self-arrest training (how to stop from falling down the mountain), to carrying a 50lb pack despite my 5’1 stature. My inviting attitude to learn brought fresh amazement to what’s possible.

As we hiked up the path, the sheer beauty of the mountains filled my soul with a deep appreciation for the opportunity to do this together. It’s not every day that people take you under their wings and are willing to teach you everything they know, to ensure our mutual safety on the mountain.

A couple of hours in, the back of my Achilles heel felt a bit odd. I ignored the issue knowing 3 straight days of steep hiking, and climbing terrain will come with irritations along the way.

Another hour passed and now my achiles was screaming its own attitude at me. I asked my partner to stop so I could check what was going on. A blister form popped and flesh was already mangled. Oye! This isn’t good. Only 4 hours into our 3 days is not when you expect this to occur. In all my days of hiking and training, I only had one massive blister to deal with before. A simple bandaid would not be sufficient for how deep this hit the skin. Luckily, my partner John came to the rescue with a special path called NuSkin that can stay on the wound for several days.

Muhammed Ali said, “Often it’s not the mountains ahead of you that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.”

That day he was right.

What irritations in your life are you avoiding or ignoring right now?

When we confront the smallest issue when it first arises, we stop the greater pain that may ensue.

In life, there are no difficult experiences as long as we confront everything in real time and choose to resolve it. This returns us to peace and harmony. Whatever you’re avoiding will be your next breakthrough.

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