Ignorance is bliss until something unimaginable happens. Often in our society, we are taught to push through the pain and endure the suffering. A little tension is good, it’s what makes us move. Yet when you over-stretch a muscle, it tears. It doesn’t make you stronger. It actually sets you back further.

Pain is our guide. It’s a simple sign that something is not working properly.

Ignorance is bliss, until it hits you with a ton of bricks, and knocks you down as if a heavy-weight boxer hit you with a left hook. Then, you only see the stars as you come back into conscious awareness.

What sign are you receiving that you blow off thinking it’s absolutely nothing yet is the subtle clue to something really, really big?

In 2004, a massive 9.1 earthquake underneath the Indian Ocean sent rippling energy waves for hundreds of miles. Those who were observant noticed Elephants running for higher ground, and flamingoes flying away from low-lying areas, these were the people who saw the signs and moved with the animals. They escaped the large Tsunami that swept many out to sea with death and destruction.

Our bodies give us daily cues. This sixth sense gives insights into subtle energy shifts that affect us daily. The subtle signs when ignored turn into big and bigger patterns. Subsequently, these signs move from subtle to bigger and bigger until they get our attention and awareness to act differently.

The question is simple. What are you ignoring?

Too often we wait too long to have that difficult conversation to keep a relationship in check. We wait for that small pain in the shoulder to turn into barely raising your arm to work, play music, or hug a loved one. We wait for the pain in the back to turn into a cancer that if detected a year prior may have meant a different outcome. We wait for the job to get better when we already know something better is waiting for us.

Stop the waiting. Listen to the subtle whispers of your body to heal a small pain before a tsunami of long-lasting unwanted deeper pain sets in. What deep healing are you ready for?

Take care of the pain now and let more play and fun come your way.

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