When backpacking in the late fall, sun rays quickly diminish and icy cold air settles in. Body temperatures drop drastically in the same manner spilled liquid disseminates across a floor. Since you stopped moving quickly, staying warm is paramount with ambient air temperatures fast approaching freezing.  

Yet, your inner core temperature can only drop so much before it becomes impaired and messes with other bodily functions. Thus, a camp fire is key to regulating the next hour of setting up tents, cooking food and, of course, retelling stories from the day’s epic adventures.  

Many backpackers take it for granted that a fire ring is always available where camp is set-up. It’s important that any fire be contained such that sparks stay within a designated area. This keeps a fire from spreading and causing a forest fire yet also allows the fire to build and roar to warm up the bodies all night.  

What you light your fire with is key. What will keep it burning at a steady comfortable rate without roaring up and then almost dying out? What will keep a smooth ambient fire going?  

Let’s take this to your daily life.  

Your inner fire is what keeps you going day in and day out. If there is no camp fire ring, there are no boundaries. The fire can leak out anywhere into unwanted places or dissipate in the wind for no apparent reason.  

Its key to know what strokes your inner fire. What are your daily practices to keep you centered? What boundaries do you set to keep your inner fire going?  

No matter how strong the wind or even rain, the fire can keep roaring when the proper container is set.  

When the camp fire ring is set and contained, you can easily decide and make confident choices moving forward.  

This week, identify what your non-negotiables are for keeping the inner fire roaring big. Don’t allow others to put out your fire.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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