Ever feel that your life is one big whitewater rafting adventure? You’re up, down. Tossed from side to side holding on for dear life hoping to not be thrown into more turbulent waters and be caught in the under currents. Chaotic waves crashing at the raft throw you and your fellow passengers off balance. Deep within you feel the excitement moving forward yet the fear of each new wave coming your way. How do you paddle through the next wave?  You keep going, going, and going.

Then, suddenly the big waves fall into an abyss of calm where you find yourself gently floating, wondering what the heck happened? A rush of air penetrates your body as it seems you were holding your breathe the entire time. Time catapulted so fast that seasons moved swiftly from winter to spring to summer to winter again in what seemed to be only a few seconds.

You wake up from this haze wondering what happened and if this was even a dream. Ever feel that life keeps passing by and each year goes by faster and faster?

After all this hard work and paddling, do you take time to recover, celebrate and dare I say, play?

With each crashing wave, there’s a slight pause. A time to breathe. A time to take in the vastness of life. Not everything has to be chaotic and crazy.

In this pause, this expansive breath, what is the wind whispering from the depths of your heart? This softness and gentle breeze remind you to allow joy back in. Love back in. Fun back in.

Instead of living within the habits of chaos, where can you ignite the fierce fire that lights up your heart and bring the fun, joy, love and playful energy back into harmony?

Is it time to jump out of the raft and float in the water, or take a break and eat a picnic lunch on the side of the river? Or splash your fellow passenger with water with a goofy grin and smile. What playful energy can you bring back into the fold? Celebrate making it through the rapids of life.

What lights up your mind, body, and soul? It’s time to bring out the little kid in you and be silly, goofy and joyful all in one. Celebrate you and how far you’ve come!

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!


Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer


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